Green courtyards are already serving residents

Work carried out as part of the "The strength lies in the local community (green relaxation zones) - pilot project (investment part)" project has been completed, which is an element of the "Together we change Przemyśl" project, financed in 85% by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 and 15% from the state budget under Local Development Program.

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As a result of the project, we developed a city square and two courtyards.

The square for development was chosen by the residents themselves in a vote held in the middle of last year. The square at ul. Ratuszowa, winning 49.6%, i.e. 245 of the total votes cast. The work was completed and the subsidy amounted to PLN 129,150.00. As part of the project, an area of ​​approximately 450.0 m2 was developed. An openwork hardening of the surface with an area of 58.0 m2, with 3 round benches with flower pots and 2 waste bins. 4 wooden deckchairs are located on the lawn. The entire area was planted with trees (7 pieces) and 368 shrubs and perennial plants.



Development of the yard between Krasińskiego, Traugutta and 22 Stycznia streets.

As part of the project, the area of ​​​​area was developed. approx. 1197.50 m2. Amount of funding: PLN 162,360.00. As part of the project, a new surface was made of paving stones without chamfers in the square located between the blocks with an area of 365.60 m2. A two-station chess/checkers table, a sandbox, 2 spring rockers, a carousel, a climbing spider's web, a board with regulations and 4 benches with backrests were installed.

Zagospodarowane podwórko pomiędzy kamienicami przy ulicy Traugutta


Development of the yard between Władycze, Śnigurskiego and Osińskich streets.

The amount of funding is PLN 59,757.77. As part of the project, the area of ​​​​area was developed. approx. 785.80 m2. An outdoor gym was built with a paving stone surface (43.0 m2) on which a runner/elliptical trainer and a shuttle/twister were installed. A new panel fence of the existing pitch, 2 m high, was constructed. A children's play set and a spring rocker were installed, as well as 4 benches with backrests and 2 boards with regulations.

Zagospodarowane podwórko pomiędzy kamienicami przy ulicy Władycze


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