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Summary publication

Ladies and gentlemen,
The Municipal Office of Przemyśl has carried out the project “Visegrad Blueprint. Partnership for developing a civil society.” During a two-day meeting, the representatives of municipalities and non-governmental organizations from five countries exchanged experiences concerning the cooperation of public administration with private sector. Particularly striking were the diversity and richness of the forms of cooperation as well as similar problems and their solutions. The meeting was a great opportunity to revive or make new contacts and friendships.

The partnership for the creation of a civil society, mentioned in the title, set the meeting an appropriate target by relating to the very important idea of a civil society. The balanced development of every country requires investments which revive the economy and constant civil activity.

By providing you with this publication, we hope that we have made an important step towards a better supranational cooperation. We hope that the propositions for an international cooperation model  included in this presentation will become an impulse for forthcoming initiatives and will open up new possibilities. The meeting in Przemysl has shown how big the potential of non-governmental organizations is, and how the appropriate cooperation with public administration influences the life of citizens.
Mr Robert Choma – the President of Przemyśl.

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