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Przemyśl Fortress

The core of the Fortress
The core of the Fortress (noyon), situated within the borders of the town, is composed of a complex of artillery forts, joined by an embankment, with entrenchments, batteries and other fortified objects. There are still the remains of gates in some of the entrance roads to the town (particular attention should be given to the remains of the Lower San Gate with its watchtower).
The main forts of the internal ring are as follows: fort XVI “Zniesienie” (on Przemyśl Foothills), fort XVII “Ostrów, fort XVIII “Lipowica” and fort XIX “Winna Góra” (on Dynów Foothills), fort XX “Przekopana” and fort XXI “Bakończyce”(in Sandomierz Basin).

The external ring
The main forts situated on the San and Dniestr Plateau: fort XV “Borek” (armoured), fort I “Salis Soglio” (artillery, which is located exactly on the state border), fort II Jaksmanice (similar to an armoured fort),, fort III “Łuczyce” (artillery), fort IV“Optyń” (armoured), fort V “Grochowce” (artillery).
The main forts situated on the Przemyśl Foothills: fort VI “Helicha”(artillery), fort VII “Prałkowce” (artillery). The main forts situated on the Dynów Foothills: fort VIII “Łętownia”(artillery), fort IX “Brunner” (armoured). The main forts situated in the Sandomierz Basin: fort X“Orzechowce” (armoured, converted from an artillery one), fort XI “Duńkowiczki” (armoured, converted from an artillery one), fort XII “Werner (artillery, closed to tourists), fort XIII“San Rideau” (armoured; this fort is connected with the “fort XIII” legend). Fort XIV “Hurko” does not exist at present.

The most interesting forts of the Przemyśl Fortress are:

Fort I Salis Soglio in Siedliska

SIEDLISKA Fort I „Salis-Soglio” in Siedliska was built be¬tween 1882 and 1886. It is an unusual example of an artillery fort, which, despite having been blown up on 22 March 1915 is one of the best-preserved and most attractive features of the outer ring of the Fortress of Przemyśl. In the area of the fort the following items have survived: a brick entrance gate, barracks in the gorge part with casemates, ammunition sto¬res and lift shafts, artillery emplacements and shelters for the crew on the rampart. The fort is situated only several dozen metres from the Ukrainian border. On its other side there are still six auxiliary forts of the described complex. When visiting Fort I „Salis-Soglio” it is also worth seeing the nearby (on the way to Medyka) armoured fort XV „Borek” from 1897- 1900. Both forts (like all the main forts of the outer ring of the Fortress) are part of the black tourist route and the fortress cycle route.

Fort XV Borek in Siedliska

Fort XV „Borek” in Siedliska. In the vicinity of fort no. I, which is also located in Siedliska, is the armoured fort XV „Borek” dating back to the years 1897-1900. Following trunk road number 28 towards Sie¬dliska, after a kilometer and a half, turn left. The „Borek” Fort is leased by the 3rd Historical Galician Fort Artillery Regiment named after Prince Kinsky Association, which has been trying to restore the fort to its original state. The fort consists of, among other things, the already restored entrance gate, barracks connected with the main shelter, the casemate remnants with a restored observation site, as well as ruins of the armoured battery. At the entrance to the fort there is a commemorative plaque honouring the Polish and American airmen, who fought for independence in 1920.
Close to the fort the so-called Fantasy Village is located, where a medieval wooden castle with surrounding settlements have been reconstructed.

Fort VIII - Łetownia

KUŃKOWCE Fort VIII „Łętownia”. It dates back to the years 1854-1855, when the Austrians built one of their artil¬lery earthworks on a hill west of Przemyśl. The fort obtained its present shape between 1881and 1882. The area of the fort is well-developed. During the season one can see an interesting exhibition inside devoted to the Fortress of Prze¬myśl. How to get to the fort: from the Przemyśl-Dynów road turn right in Kuńkowce and go up the road following the signs of the black fortress route. From the district called Lipowica (where the routes cross) turn left and follow the black fortress route to the peak and then downhill towards the fort.

Fort XII Werner in Żurawica

Fort XII „Werner” in Żurawica. For years it was owned by the military and out of bounds for visitors. It was opened for tourists for the first time in 2010. Fort „Werner” was erected  in the years 1882 – 1886 and it belongs to the single defen¬sive artillery ramparts. It is very well preserved. While touring the fort one can see entirely preserved neck barracks, where the museum exhibition is being set up, as well as an am¬munition shelter, emergency shelters, a huge axial postern currently linking the main shelter with the moat and well apre¬served wall in the moat’s reverse slope. The „Werner” Fort is currently in private hands and is open to all visitors.


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