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Przemyśl Fortress

Przemyśl Fortress

The Przemyśl Fortress is situated at the outer edge of the Carpathians arc, in the place where the San leaves the mountainous areas and flows out onto the Podkarpacie flatlands (the vast Sandomierz Basin).
Currently, the Przemyśl Fortress is situated within the following territories: Poland (podkarpackie voivodeship, the major part of the Przemyśl Fortress) and the Ukraine (a small fragment covering six auxiliary forts of the group). The Fortress area extends beyond the administrative borders of Przemyśl onto the lands belonging to adjacent boroughs. The forts were erected on the hills of the Carpathian Foothills (Prze¬myśl Foothill and Dynów Foothill), the San - Dniestr Plateau and on the hills of the Sandomierz Basin, situated on both sides of the town.

The first fortifications around Przemyśl were erected in1854. The works lasted - with several breaks - until WWII. During this period, the political and economical conditions changed and war engineering developed , the final effect of which we can see in the great variety of the remains of the Przemyśl Fortress fortifications, preserved up to present. During WWI, the Fortress was one of the most important in Europe. It played a significant role at the eastern front during the years 1914 - 1915, when it survived three sieges.

The Przemyśl Fortress is a ring fortress, consisting of two fortified rings: an internal one (noyon), which is wholly si-tuated within the borders of the town and an external one (outside the town), with a supporting line situated between these rings. There are main and supportive forts along the fortified lines and other fortified constructions of the Prze-myśl Fortress. Apart from the fortified objects, a whole base composed of, among others, barracks and stores, was con¬structed for the needs of the Przemyśl Fortress. A whole sytem of new roads also belongs to the infrastructure. Many of these elements are used up to present. Particular attention shouldbe given to the war cemeteries, especially to the Hi¬storic Complex of War Cemeteries of the Przemyśl Fortress 1914 - 1915.

Jakub Sadowy

Przemyśl Fortress

JPGFort I Salis Soglio in Siedliska (544,58KB)

JPGFort XV Borek (408,43KB)

JPGFort XIII Bolestraszyce (625,66KB)

JPGFort I Salis Soglio in Siedliska (376,26KB)

JPGFort XI Duńkowiczki (336,79KB)

JPGFort VIII Łętownia (537,00KB)

JPGNULL (333,66KB)

JPGFort I Salis Soglio in Siedliska (375,59KB)

JPGGerman soldiers in Przemyśl (351,00KB)

JPGFort I Salis Soglio in Siedliska (304,81KB)

JPGNULL (308,97KB)

JPGFort VII (298,29KB)

JPGFort XIII Bolestraszyce (524,65KB)

JPGFort VII Prałkowce (649,57KB)

JPGFort VIII Łętownia (427,37KB)

JPGFort XV Borek (384,91KB)

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