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Propozycja współpracy z Murcii (Hiszpania), dotycząca projektów szkolnych dla młodych ludzi w wieku 12-21 lat

Poniżej propozycja współpracy z Murcii  (Hiszpania), dotycząca projektów szkolnych dla młodych ludzi w wieku 12-21 lat.
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Dear Colleagues,

The High School Dr. Pedro Guillén in the municipality of Archena (Region of MURCIA) in Spain is working in a project addressed to the call for proposals for "Action Mobility for Trainees in Initial Vocational Training (IVT) of the Leonardo da Vinci sectoral programme".


The action Mobility for Trainees in Initial Vocational Training (IVT) of the Leonardo da Vinci sectoral programme aims at the support of transnational mobility of persons undergoing initial vocational education and training.

The general objectives of this mobility action within the Leonardo da Vinci sectoral programme are:

1.        To support participants in training and further training activities in the acquisition and the use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development, employability and participation in the European Labour Market.
2.        To enhance the attractiveness of vocational education and training and mobility for individuals and to facilitate the mobility of working trainees.

Dr. Pedro Guillén  Secondary School is a public school in the town of Archena in the Region of Murcia. Archena is in the Ricote’s valley in the south-east of Spain. It has most of the services in this area, and people from the surrounding towns visit us. Its main attraction is the spa, which comes from the Romans through the Arabs till now.
Agriculture has been the main economic activity; however, nowadays services like hotels, restaurants and other industries are becoming more important.
Arhena has a population of 14,000 inhabitants. It’s near the capital city, Murcia, which is 24 km. far. Regular buses run to Murcia everyday.
The Region of Murcia is not very big, so it is easy to visit all the tourist attractions inland and on the coast. Its beaches are very well-known. We receive a lot of tourists every year.

The school:

Most of our students come from La Algaida, a town nearby, Archena, and other towns in the Ricote valley: Villanueva, Ulea, Ojos and Ricote.
It is a secondary and vocational school. The school offer is:
-         General Secondary Education (12-16 years)
-         Baccalaureate (pre- university/ 16 – 18 years)

-         Vocational studies: Basic Cycle on Business and Electricity (16 – 18 years), High Cycle on Business (18 – 21)
School webpage: http://www.iesdrpedroguillen.es

We need other high schools from different EU Member States countries.

If any school of your regions is interested please contact Mr. Jaime Pons (English teacher):

Best regards

Oficina de la Región de Murcia
Avenue des Arts, 3,4,5
B-1210  - Bruxelles

Tel: 0032-0-22233348
Fax: 0032-0-22191458

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